Front garden veg plot

Front garden veg plot

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Front garden veg plot

overgrown veg patch with very good soil approx 3x5 metres.

I have used my front garden as a veg plot sporadically over the last few years. Life at the moment doesn't allow me to keep it going. it would be a shame for it not to be made use of. The soil is very good mix of goat donkey chicken and horse dung and there are 2 large water butts collecting rain water from my roof and access to another round the back if they runs out. prefer if you bring your own tools (at least at the beginning) but watering cans and hose are available. There is a garage that tools can be left in if you like.
Last year i had broad, french and runner beans, tomatoes, purple sprouting and a lovely artichoke plant. there are borders with various flowers in - good for bees. obviously being by a (very quiet) road where people park i can't say its organic but i do want to keep it as natural as possible and encourage bees and other important insects.. no insecticide etc.
Between Locks Hill and the dippy.
I'd love someone to use it in return for a bit of veg sometimes.. theres mostly only one of me so it would never want much!


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