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Neglected but well loved cottage garden

I have a cottage- ish garden I started from scratch , about twenty minutes from Frome .

I had dreams of joining the open garden scheme once but am in a wheelchair and can no longer garden much , not even pick flowers for my house ! Let alone dream of having it open to others to enjoy .

I'd love to share it with someone who wants space to explore old fashioned roses , native species , Pollinator friendly plants, flowers to cut for our homes, herbs both culinary and medicinal with me , get excited about different varieties of things. I have a further area someone or two people could put allotments in for their own use in return for help with my garden . Currently I have sheep eating my lawn as the mower would not have got through - that is how bad it has got. But there are gems hidden in there. It's hard to get it all in pictures , currently there are five main garden rooms , the culinary herb garden , the non culinary herb garden , the 'pond' garden, a white garden and a mixed 'sunset' border of golds and pinks . There is a further half acre ish that has been reclaimed by nettles and elders .

I have put in two older pictures , and one of the sheep cutting the grass in the area of the second picture .

I prefer a a low/ no spray approach and we have pets. I have no objections to well socialised dogs joining, nor children enjoying the garden . There are some poisonous plants though - and I hope to keep things like foxgloves . All around the garden there are things to nibble on - wild strawberries in abundance, fruit trees , the herbs, plenty of edible flowers .

Someone else grows their vegetables here in a separate area in return for help with my chickens .

I don't aspire for it to be TOO neat - I used to strive towards a 'secret garden' feeling.


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