Are you an Aspiring Grower?

Find a green space near you to start growing your own food

Sharing a garden

Are you a passionate gardener who is just waiting for the perfect space to get started. Find a community minded garden owner and their garden space near you to start growing your own food or just for pleasure.

This agreement is made between the two parties and no money is expected to be exchanged apart from the gardening together membership fee making sure that both volunteers are insured and protected. 

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Aspiring Grower

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£ 3 Per month includes insurance cancel at any time
  • Find a local garden to grow your own
  • Support someone struggling with their garden
  • Insurance protection as a volunteer
  • Member only events and trips​
  • Discount code for seeds and plants

Gardening Together Membership Benefits

Join a community of growers

Our online forums provide a platform for members to share gardening tips and tricks, and ask for advice

Once you’re on a paid membership plan, you can connect with a Gardening Together Buddy to share a garden and the joy of gardening together. 


Member Perks

We have an exclusive member discount code for a local plant and seed nursery.

We will be working to get you more perks over the year on seeds and gardening tools and workshops that you need.

Regular Meetups

Our members regularly meet up for social events, such as garden tours, picnics, and barbecues. This is a great opportunity to connect with other gardeners in your area and make new friends.

Seed and Plant Swap Days

Members can participate in our seed and plant swap days, where you can exchange seeds, cuttings, and plants with other members

Frome Community Greenhouse

Coming soon : Paid Members have access to our community greenhouse, where you can start seedlings, propagate plants, and enjoy year-round gardening


We protect our members with personal accident insurance covers you while gardening together. Paid members only.

By becoming a grower of Gardening Together, you’ll have access to a range of exclusive benefits that will make gardening easier, more enjoyable, and more rewarding.

It can be so disappointing not having an outdoor space to grow in, imagine being able to grow your own food, flowers, save some money, and share your knowledge and joy with a garden buddy. Gardening is such a wonderful and fulfilling experience, and it’s even better when shared with others.

So why wait? Let’s get started on this gardening journey together and change from being an aspiring gardener to a happy gardener.

As a member, you’ll have access to our community of gardeners, where you can connect with a gardening together buddy and share a garden. If your first connection doesn’t work out, don’t worry you can find another garden through our website.

You’ll also have access to our gardening forums, where you can ask for advice, share your tips, and connect with other members of our community.

We understand that accidents can happen in the garden, and that’s why we offer insurance for our members. Our insurance policy covers members in case of personal injury.

Frustrated gardener


How Does it Work for Aspiring Growers?

How do I become a Member: Joining Gardening Together as an aspiring grower is simple. Sign up for a membership by paying a low monthly fee. This fee not only grants you access to our platform but also supports our non-profit’s mission to promote community gardening and sustainable practices.

How do I browse Available Gardens: Explore the listings of gardens on the map provided by generous garden owners in your local community. Filter the results based on location, garden size, and any specific requirements to find a suitable garden that aligns with your gardening goals.

How much time do I need: We highly encourage Aspiring growers commit for a full growing season at a minimum. The weekly time commitment is flexible, as the hours depend on the seasons and weather. The key is to maintain good communication and to set realistic expectations for what you can accomplish in the garden.

Connect with Garden Owners: Once you’ve found a garden that interests you, use our platform to connect and communicate with the respective garden owner. Discuss your gardening plans, share ideas, and establish a mutual agreement regarding the usage of the garden space, then…Get growing: 

What is the insurance Coverage: As a member of Gardening Together, your monthly membership fee includes valuable insurance coverage. This insurance protects both you the volunteer grower and the garden owner against any accidental injuries related to gardening activities. We want to ensure a safe and worry-free experience for all participants.


Our Supporters

Having fun gardening together

In addition to the community and insurance benefits, we also plan to offer our members invites to workshops and events.

Some workshops and events are designed to help you connect with a garden partner , while some improve your gardening skills and knowledge. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, you’ll find something of value in our workshops and events.

Finally, by becoming a member, you’ll be supporting Gardening Together, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable and community-focused gardening practices. Your membership fees will go towards helping us support our older members who need that extra help. 

Our yearly membership fees is over half what you would pay for an allotment and we feel some gardens are a million times better in terms of local and size.

 We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

"We share ideas, tips, seeds, cuttings and apples - and the grass and hedge cutting, as well as our shared moans and delights with the weather and our horticulture failures and successes"
Gardening Activities in Frome
Sarah Layland
On the benefits of a shared garden arrangement at Pure Moves a pilates and wellness centre in Frome

Together we can grow, learn and share in the harvest.

Find out more about the benefits of gardening: on you, your garden, your community and your planet.

The right to grow

Everyone should have access space to grow which brings health, well-being, and access to food and beauty. Over 100,000 people are on the allotment waiting list in the UK.

We plan to be a resource for ideas on growing food in gardens, and to support, educate, and help connect communities in gardening together.


Fed up of waiting for an allotment

We believe these connections will have a mix of community benefits:

Food security: share in the harvest you can even grow edibles that look fantastic in a regular garden border.

Mental health: Give people access to green outside spaces.

Reduce loneliness: encourage neighbours to connect over a healthy positive activity

Intergenerational: invigorate and energise older adults, as well as help, reduce the likelihood of depression and loneliness.