Gardening Activities in Frome

Gardening Activities in Frome

Things to do in frome

Things to do in frome, while you are waiting for a gardening together buddy or maybe a frome allotment space to come up, we would like to suggest some alternative activities and gardening events in frome that you may be interested in. Frome has a wonderful community of gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts, and we believe that these outdoor activities may provide a garden wizard with a similar sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. 


Gardening Together is an amazing platform that connects individuals on allotment waiting lists with those in need of garden assistance.

Connecting and supporting people who want to share the act of growing in gardens. The “Gardening Together” online community is run by Frome based social enterprise  ‘not for profit’, who was picked for this years Frome town council community grant.

Gardening together project aims to make a positive difference in our community in Frome by connecting, supporting, and educating new and seasoned gardeners. Through our project, we aim to form mini-communities that make use of unused land, including gardens, to reduce loneliness and increase health and well-being.

The idea is to help a mutually beneficial arrangement between frustrated gardeners and owners of wild gardensFrustrated gardeners are given the opportunity to grow their own plants and crops in exchange for light maintenance work, such as weeding or mowing, in the garden they are using.

This agreement is made between the two parties and no money is expected to be exchanged apart from joining as a member to the site. The objective of this arrangement is to bring life to unloved wild gardens while providing frustrated gardeners with a gardening activity in Frome and a space to grow and tend to their plants.

Here’s how it works:
First, sign up on the Gardening Together website as either a frustrated gardener or a wild garden. During the sign-up process, you can also fill out your profile picture and gardening preferences.
Next, gardeners can search for available gardens on the map provided by Gardening Together. They can filter by location, garden size, and other preferences to find a garden that matches their needs. Wild gardens can also list their garden with pictures and details to give frustrated gardeners a better idea of what they’re working with.
Once a gardener has found a garden they’re interested in, they can request to connect with the wild garden. The wild garden can then review the gardener’s profile and decide whether to accept the connection request, similar to a friend request on social media platforms like Facebook.

We hope this helps with making friends, saving money by growing your own food and help towards building a stronger more resilient community. 

The team will also be running workshops, podcasts and creating learning resources for members.


A fun opportunity to get out in nature, get fit, meet new people, take part in practical conservation, and grow local food with a new social enterprise, Frome Field 2 Fork

Sundays 10am till 1pm in Frome.

No experience is necessary, guidance is provided and all questions are welcomed! Work at your own pace in a relaxed environment and choose between activities suited to all levels of fitness.

Typical activities include sowing seeds, planting, weeding or pruning, creating no-dig veg beds, digging up brambles, constructing new garden features, hedgerow harvesting and building bug hotels.

Frome Field to fork organised this years Frome seed swap and potato day

Caroline Wasjblum


Gardening groups based at The Walled garden in Wells. Get in touch to book a place.
Some parts of the garden are wheelchair accessible.
No disabled accessible toilet at the moment. 

**Emotional Wellbeing Though Gardening**:
Mixed age active group, with younger adults. It’s aimed at people who may have been struggling with their mental health over the last year and are feeling isolated. Tea and cake is part of the session but people are welcome to work in their own space and at their own pace.
Held on a Monday 10am -1.00pm 

**Grow with Us**: Open to a mixed age group with light and gentle gardening and growing activities adaptive to physical challenges. The session has a strong socialising component to it with tea and cake.  Held on a Friday 10am-12noon.
01373 812597


Root Connections is a community ‘not for profit’ market garden to improve mental & physical health & wellbeing based at Stratton on the Fosse, BA3 4QF.

We’re open on a Tues & Fri morning from 10am until 1pm, on a Friday we share lunch together.
We make gardening accessible to everyone – from all walks of life.
We have different areas within the garden to work on and enjoy.

A warm welcome awaits anyone who would like to get involved in the garden & join a group of like minded volunteers 
07891 298360


Free to attend. Nature and wildlife activities in Frome, for people with dementia or memory loss. Learn about wildlife together.  

Activities include arts & crafts, wildlife gardening, nature walks and more. Open and inclusive to suit all abilities and interests. Please call ahead to book your space and check location.  
Carers and family members welcome too.
Free to attend, transport available. 

Mells, Walled Garden – Mondays 2pm – 4pmFrome,
Welshmill Allotment site or in winter Frome Canoe Club – Tuesdays 11am – 1pm and Wednesdays 2pm – 4pm.
Zak on 07949 572849

We hope that these suggestions are helpful and provide you with some alternative ways to engage with your love of gardening and the outdoors. 

If you are not already a member come and support us and join our growing community. Let's grow, learn and share in the harvest together. Join our community  

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