How it works​

Overview of the Gardening Together process


The “Gardening Together” community is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

How it Works

List your garden or connect with a volunteer garden if you are an aspiring gardener.


Some common answers to the questions that our members often ask us about the community.

The Agreement

Based on trust and mutual benefits and hopefully a future friendship.


The “Gardening Together” community is a mutually beneficial arrangement between volunteer aspiring gardeners and gardens owners.

Aspiring gardeners are given the opportunity to grow their own plants and crops in the garden.

This agreement is made between the two parties and no money is expected to be exchanged apart from the gardening together membership making sure that both volunteers are insured and protected. 


Together we can grow, learn and share in the harvest.

"We share ideas, tips, seeds, cuttings and apples - and the grass and hedge cutting, as well as our shared moans and delights with the weather and our horticulture failures and successes"
Fed up of waiting for an allotment
Sarah Layland
On the benefits of a shared garden arrangement at Pure Moves a pilates and wellness centre in Frome

How it works step-by-step

Step 1

Sign up: To get started, aspiring grower and garden owners create a membership profile and by doing this are committing to a full growing season. During the sign-up process, members can highlight their gardening preferences to help making a good match. i.e growing vegetables or flowers or both.

Step 2

Fill Out Your Profile: members will be prompted to fill out their profile picture and gardening preferences in the “my dashboard”. Gardens owner can also list their garden in the my dashboard pages with pictures and details. We recommend on the map you select a general location not your actual address but close enough to give the volunteer aspiring growers a good idea of what where the garden is.

Step 3

Search for Gardens: Gardeners can then search for available gardens on the map provided by Gardening Together. They can filter by location, garden size, and other preferences to find a garden that matches their needs.

Listing your shared garden

Step 4

Connect with Gardens owners: Once a aspiring grower has found a garden they’re interested in, they can connect with the garden owner via a chat button in the listing. 

Step 5

Exchange Contact Information: The two members can use the chat function provided by Gardening Together to exchange phone numbers or other contact information. It’s important to note that Gardening Together takes privacy and security seriously, so users should only share personal information if they feel comfortable doing so.

Step 5

Meet Up: After exchanging contact information, the two members can arrange to meet up in the garden. For safety reasons, it’s recommended that a friend or family member accompany the gardener to the first meeting. After the meeting, the friend can provide feedback on whether they think the gardening arrangement is likely to work out

Step 6

Create a gardening together agreement document:  Please use ours below as a guide and modify to your preferences and then start gardening. Remember communication is key. 

Together we can do it

When it comes to sharing a garden, there are some challenges that may arise. But don’t worry, there are solutions! Here are some ideas to make a successful agreement:

If there are differing opinions among gardeners about how to maintain the garden or what to plant, creating clear guidelines and rules can help. 

These can be written down in a  agreement that everyone agrees to.

Communication is key when it comes to any potential conflicts.  When communication is lacking, regular meetings can help. 

Overall, a successful shared garden requires open communication, cooperation, and compromise. 

Sharing a garden


What does it cost?

The act of sharing a garden should be a mutually beneficial arrangement and no money should be exchanged. There is a free members option called garden gnomes  to help us be as inclusive as possible. 

We do charge a small annual membership fee to cover our costs as a non-profit organisation and volunteer insurance.

This helps us invest in new learning resources and being an advocate for the shared gardening movement. 

How long will it take to find a garden buddy?

 It entirely depends on the number of gardeners and gardens available.

Do I decide who my buddy is?

You will have complete control who your garden buddy will be. Detailed profiles will help to connect the right wild garden with the right frustrated gardener. 

How long does the agreement go on for?

Until one or both parties decide that the agreement should end, the best outcome to be fair to the gardener, would be that the current plants growing could be harvested and shared before the agreement comes to a final end.

Make Your Own Agreement

Advice on a successful Gardening Together agreement 

Gardening together is an arrangement based on trust and mutual benefit and hopefully a future friendship.


Gardening Together involves making a personal agreement between the two members, where there is a mutual beneficial arrangement of a hobby gardener(s) being allowed to share a part of someone private garden for a limited time determined by the owner.

Both gardener and garden owner should be over the age of 18 and you both should outline in an email the visitation rights and how long you think the arrangement will last and what activities you expect to happen there.

Gardening together or associated gardeners are not under any obligation to provide wild gardens with permanent gardening service(s) for any limited time, other than what both parties mutually agree privately.

Nor do frustrated gardeners have unlimited access to the garden property without prior arranged consent.


Please exchange emails and phone calls before arranging an initial visit. Gardening together recommends that after the initial phone call both parties bring along a friend to the initial visit and ask their advice afterwards on if  they see this arrangement working.

It is advised that you seek professional advice from your insurers to ensure you have sufficient insurance to cover any losses or damages to any persons or any property, including yourself and your own.

Potential Risks

Unloved gardens please ensure your garden is free from any objects or materials that could cause harm. Please make sure all equipment is made safe before use.

Please wear safety equipment and strong gloves, shoes and eye protection as needed.

Print Your Own Agreement

Example Agreement that you can take and make your own: 


Dear aspiring gardener and garden owner! We’re thrilled to have you join our garden sharing program. This agreement, will help ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for both of you.

  1. Our Purpose – We’re all about creating a warm and supportive community where we can share garden spaces and collaborate on gardening activities. Together, we’ll nurture beautiful gardens and grow delicious produce!
  2. Responsibilities of the Garden Owner a. Open access: Our amazing garden owners will provide you with access to their shared garden space during agreed-upon times and dates. b. General garden maintenance: Our thoughtful garden owners will take care of the overall garden maintenance, making sure it’s a welcoming and flourishing space for all of us to enjoy.
  3. Your Responsibilities as the Gardener a. Personal plot care: You’ll be responsible for your own designated plot within the shared garden. Feel free to unleash your green thumb and care for your plants with love and attention. b. Collaboration: Let’s work together! Follow any guidelines provided by the garden owner regarding planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice or share your gardening knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.
  4. Liability and Indemnification a. We believe in looking out for each other. However, please keep in mind that gardening activities inherently involve risks. By participating in a garden sharing program, you assume responsibility for your own actions and any associated risks. b. We kindly ask you to indemnify and hold harmless both the garden owner and gardening together from any claims, damages, liabilities, or expenses arising from your participation in the program.
  5. Flexibility and Communication a. Life happens, and schedules can change. If you need to adjust your gardening visits, please communicate with the garden owner in advance. Let’s maintain open and friendly communication throughout the process. b. Privacy matters. We trust that you’ll respect the garden owner’s privacy and maintain the confidentiality of any personal information shared during your garden share experience.
  6. Celebrating the Harvest What’s more rewarding than enjoying the fruits of our labor? We encourage you to savor your harvest! Share your bountiful produce with friends, family, or even consider donating to local food banks to spread the joy.

By signing below, you acknowledge that you’ve read, understood, and embraced the friendly terms and conditions of this Garden Share Agreement.

Aspiring Grower:



Garden Owner





Remember, this agreement is not intended as legal advice. It’s always a good idea to consult with a legal professional to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations specific to your country. Happy gardening!

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