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Join our community of green-thumbed enthusiasts and embark on a rewarding journey of growing your own food.Membership Benefits:
  1. Exclusive Allotment Access: As a Private Allotment Grower, you'll gain access to your very own plot of land within our well-maintained allotment site. This private space is yours to nurture and cultivate according to your preferences.
  2. Allotment Space: Your membership includes a dedicated allotment space measuring 75 square meters. This ample space allows you to grow careful planning, crop rotation, and succession planting, you could potentially feed 2-4 people with a good variety of vegetables throughout the growing season.
  3. Harvest Your Own: Enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting your own organic, homegrown produce. From vibrant tomatoes to fragrant basil, your allotment will yield a bounty of fresh, flavorful ingredients for your meals.
Membership Details:
  • Monthly Fee: £15 per month
  • Allotment Size: 75m2
  • Membership Duration: Month-to-month, with no long-term commitment required.
How to Join:
  1. Sign Up: Once you have been invited to join Simply fill out our membership application form to become a Private Allotment Grower.
  2. Find Your Plot: Once you're a member, you will be invited down to see your allotment plot
  3. Start Gardening: Get your hands dirty, plant your favourite crops.

The price for membership is £15.00 per Month.

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