My Story

Hi everyone! I’m Kieran, one of the Directors at Gardening Together CIC, nice to meet you! Have you ever wanted to have your own gardening space but just couldn’t find the right fit for you?


Well, I had the same struggle when I moved to a new town, but then I stumbled upon a lucky opportunity and found a space at a local business premises where I could trade some weeding and mowing in exchange for some growing space. And let me tell you, it was truly amazing. During lockdown, this space became a lifeline for me. It gave me a chance to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and grow what I wanted.

I decided to create an edible forest garden with perennial plants, making it look more like a flower garden than an allotment space. But the biggest perk for me was the connection it brought me to the community. People would walk by, have a chat about the garden, and even just chat about life in general in Frome. It was a wonderful feeling of community and belonging.

Gardening is such a rewarding and therapeutic activity for people of all ages and abilities. And that’s why I wanted to share my story and inspire others to find their own gardening space and connect with their community.

I truly believe that everyone should have the chance to grow and experience the joys of gardening. Happy growing!

Gardening together leaves

The Problem we are trying to "weed out"

Over 100,000 people in the UK are on an allotment waiting list with waits of over 5 years. More locally here in Frome, there is a waiting list of over 300 with a waiting time of over 5 years.

There are also many people who do have a garden or growing space but don’t have the time, health or capacity to keep it looking great.

Our Directors

Tony Speakman

Meet Tony: A Tech-Savvy Businessman with a Passion for Life, Music, Fine Wine, and interesting Cars.

From humble startups to the iconic Apple, Tony has seen it all and knows exactly what makes businesses tick in different environments. Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. But he’s not your typical business professional —Tony’s got a few surprises up his sleeve that make him truly unique.

When he’s not conquering the tech world, Tony is belting out tunes as part of a choir or playing his saxophone with soulful melodies. With Tony on board, bringing his tech expertise, musical talents, and zest for adventure, our social enterprise is ready to make an impact while enjoying every step of the journey.

Tony Speakman director

Stephen East

We are delighted to introduce Stephen, Chief Tech/Delivery Architect at SE London ICS a passionate and seasoned leader in the digital health technology realm, who is joining us as a director.

With extensive experience in navigating demanding and complex health and care environments. He’s all about using information technology to deliver top-notch, cost-effective, and harm-free health and care services.

He’s the kind of person who drives change and gets things done!

When he’s not revolutionising the digital health landscape, Stephen unleashes his artistic side as an avid participant in amateur dramatics. He knows how to bring creativity and a fresh perspective to the table, which is an absolute bonus for our team.

Stephen east director

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